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September 2014

Professor Li Zhenji, the vice-chairman of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies visited  Semmelweis University...


During the visit Ágoston Széll, the rector of the university talked about the co-operation between the Semmelweis University and Chinese universities, emphasising the co-work and courses with the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine and the experiences they gain during these courses. These could provide a good basis for future work.

After that professor Li Zhenji talked about the work of the world federation, especially their co-operation with the World Health Organization, the International  Organization for Standardization and  the UNESCO. He also highlighted the importance of the international standardizations made by the world federation: for example the standard terminology of traditional Chinese medicine (Chinese-English) and the standards of the education methods of TCM. 

October 2014 

Xiao Qian, the Chinese ambassador welcomed the delegations of TCM practitioners...


The delegation of TCM practitioners of province Guandong, the delegation of HTCMA, Dr Yu Funian, the chairman of HTCMA and Shi Xing Hong, the chairman of the International Association of Chan Wu examined the employees of the embassy in Budapest. Xiao Qian ambassador met the delegations to welcome the TCM practitioners and praise the long and active work of the interntional affairs office of province Guandong which helped to promote TCM in Europe.

The members of HTCMA made big effort to improve and popularize TCM in Hungary, and the embassy supports the popularization of TCM in Hungary too.

Mr Xiao said that he hopes the relationship between the two countries will be stronger and we will support together the developement of the Chinese cultural heritage abroad.  

February 2014 

Presidents of China and Hungary signed a co-operative agreement about establishing a TCM educational and medical centre in Hungary...


In February 2014 Orbán Viktor president of Hungary and his delegation met Li Keqiang, the Chinese president in Beijing. After the friendly meeting the two presidents signed a co-operative agreement in the field of science, turism and trade. 

As part of the agreement they came to terms to open a TCM education and medical centre in Hungary. The Hungarian government delegated this task to Semmelweis University to put it into practice. 

At the Faculty of Health Sciences of Semmelweis University the TCM education has started 5 years ago.

In 2009 with the help of professor Yu Funian, the chairman of HTCMA (Hungarian TCM Association), the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine and the Faculty of Health Sciences of Semmelweis University signed an agreement about establishing joint educational programmes for BSc MSc and PhD courses as well. 



August 2014 

University of Pécs gained the right to establish the 7th TCM Confucius Institute in the world...


 The University of Pécs aplied for the right to establish a TCM Confucius Institute in 2010 and they got the approval  from the head office of Confucius Institute and the Hanban (the international office of Chinese language education) in 2014. By this the university became the 7th place in the world and the 2nd in Europe to  open a TCM Confucius Institute.

The University of Pécs has always emphasized the integration of traditional and modern healthcare in education. In the last decade the university co-operated with the Society of Hungarian Acupuncturist Physicians, the Hungarian TCM Association and Hebei United University in researches and conferences to support the popularization and development of TCM in Hungary.


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